Meet Our Staff


Geoffrey SandlerGeoffrey is the owner of Celebrations Entertainment. During his childhood years he showed the entrepreneurial spirit as he ran a very successful paper route business and was involved in high school and community live theater productions. His love for performing led him to the DJ booth at a club called “The Bottom Line” in downtown Madison. He started DJing in that club at age 18, and an official DJ career was launched! At age 20, he started DJing wedding receptions and other private parties. From the very beginning, clients and guests at every event could tell that Geoffrey had that ‘extra special’ touch. As his skill level increased, he began to realize that his growing knowledge of the industry, his desire to succeed, and his experience running a small business was the equation that equaled success, thus giving birth to Celebrations Entertainment!


At the age of 22, Geoffrey enlisted in the US Coast Guard and enjoyed a very successful active duty military career that lasted nearly a decade. During that time, Geoffrey qualified as a small boat boarding captain, an EMT, small boat engineer, a helicopter flight mechanic and a jet engine mechanic. He received numerous awards and accommodations, including Commandants letters, hazardous duty recognitions, and the 8th District ‘Sailor of the Year’ Award! Geoffrey sums up his career in the Coast Guard as being “the best job in the world, I got to save lives for a living!”


Geoffrey is renowned throughout Southern Wisconsin for his legendary talents not just as a DJ/Emcee, but for his event planning skills. From weddings to corporate events to fundraisers, Geoffrey brings years of experience to the table and knows how to structure any event!


In recent years, Geoffrey has become more involved in planning and auctioneering for events for charitable organizations and is proud of helping to raise millions of dollars for the Madison community.


Geoffrey is one of the most in-demand DJ/Emcees in Southern Wisconsin, so get him while you can!


Currently, Geoffrey lives on the near West side of Madison with his wife and two amazing kids. Geoffrey is a huge Badger and Packers fan and vey much enjoys his limited time off relaxing with friends and family.


“Geoffrey’s level of professionalism is beyond compare and his talent supersedes those of others in the business. He took the time to make sure everything was exactly what we wanted. I have an event management background and I can honestly say when you sign up to work with Celebrations Entertainment, you’re getting the best of the best!” – Suzy