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Lighting, backdrops, social media kiosks, and more!



 Uplighting is an easy way to give your reception a stunning, modern look. From highlighting the head table to blanketing the room in a gorgeous color wash, your guests will be dazzled when they enter the room! We can set your uplighting to any color to match your decorations or theme!

Uplighting is included with all of our wedding and mitzvah packages!Interested in renting uplights? You don’t need one of our DJ/emcee packages to rent lighting for your event! You can pick up the lights directly form our warehouse or we can deliver them to your venue. We can even set up your lighting for a truly hassle-free experience.


Accent Uplighting: This look will transform for reception venue without breaking the bank. Use Accent Uplighting to highlight certain areas of your venue, such as the head table, cake table, or dance floor. Accent Uplighting is also used to highlight architectural features of your venue. 

Minimum Coverage: The perfect option for creating an elegant ambience without busting your budget! Adds a gorgeous effect to your venue. Lights are spaced 15-25ft around the perimeter of the room, depending on venue size. 

Moderate Coverage: Transform your venue into an elegant, welcoming space for you and your guests! Moderate coverage creates a gorgeous effect that will have long lasting impression on your guests! Lights are spaced 10-15ft around the perimeter of the room, depending on venue size.

Maximum Coverage: This is for the ultimate “wow” effect. Use the maximum coverage to completely wash the venue with colorful lighting. This is the perfect compliment for a beautiful venue. Or use the maximum coverage to transform a drab space into the most chic wedding venue. Lights are spaced 5-10ft around the perimeter of the room, depending on venue size.



Other Lighting Options

Monogram Lighting: Monogram lighting is a beautiful way to personalize your event with your name, date, logo, or anything else you can think of! We can project monograms onto the dance floor, ceiling, behind the head table, and more. We offer animated monograms as well! 

Illuminated Bars and Cocktail Tables: An illuminated bar or cocktail table from Celebrations Entertainment will blow your guests away! We offer several customizable options that are popular for weddings, fundraisers, and private events. Choices include our gorgeous eight-foot Birch bar with a glowing LED facade or an alluring Acrylic Bar, available in six-foot or twelve-foot lengths. The Acrylic bar includes wireless LED lights to transform the bar into a centerpiece in any room. Lighted cocktail tables also add an incredible touch to your venue. We offer different size options and color customization. Our cocktail tables are perfect for weddings, fundraisers, and holiday parties.



Pipe and Drape

Drape behind your head table or around your entire reception space allows you to really show off uplighting and other decor options! Strategic draping behind a presentation stage is also an excellent addition to your meeting, fundraiser, or fashion show! We offer different size and color options depending on your needs.