NEW Cold Sparks!

We now offer Cold Sparks as an add item to your event or as a stand along rental time. 

There are few things more striking than a beautiful fireworks display. Unfortunately, due to their very nature, fireworks are too dangerous for most situations. For that reason, Cold Sparks were developed — a revolutionary special effect that looks just like a classic pyrotechnic display, without the dangers associated with common fireworks.

Wow your audience or guests. Fireworks displays are an incredible way to entertain people. There are plenty of fireworks available on the marketplace, though they don’t always allow you to create the show that you desire. If you were to simply purchase fireworks, it would be impossible to set them to music. With the Cold Spark simulated sparkler fountain machine from ProX, you can create spectacular indoor displays for such events as:

  • Holiday celebrations.
  • Parties of all types.
  • Business launches.
  • Weddings & Reception.
  • Festivals.
  • Indoor concerts.

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