Hybrid Events

Celebrations Entertainment is here to help produce hybrid events that bring your in-person and virtual audiences together for one cohesive experience.  We can produce hybrid events that engage both your in-person and virtual audiences.

  • Live Hybrid Event Production
  • On-Site AV Production
  • Full audio visual production at your chosen venue. Custom lighting, stage designs, and other fresh ideas.
  • hybrid event engagement
  • Two Ways to Experience the Same Event
  • Bring your virtual audience into the room with Q&A, networking, chat, and other engagement tools.



  • Custom to your company, we don’t allow any cookie cutter events here. We make sure we bring your full vision to life in your venue and virtually.
  • Engagement Tools
  • From Q&A to surveys, interactive chat to virtual breakout rooms, your event is a two-way, interactive experience for your virtual attendees.
  • Planning With Both Audiences In-Mind
  • With a history of hybrid event experience we strive  to provide a smooth and engaging experience.
  • Post-Event Data
  • Analytics on your virtual attendance and their engagement.
  • Tech Checks for Presenters
  • With pre-event tech checks, your virtual presenters will be prepared and comfortable with the platform.